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  • Between Kleve and Nijmegen
  • Cultural and natural landscape

The vastness of the landscape is balm for the soul!

The Düffelt is a German-Dutch cultural and natural landscape that encompasses the entire Rhine valley below the Lower Rhine ridge between Kleve and Nijmegen. Among others, the villages of Düffelward, Keeken, Niel, Millingen (NL) and Beek (NL) are included. This German-Dutch polder area is formed almost exclusively from younger floodplain deposits and was covered by a Nordic glacier mass 200,000 years ago, in the penultimate Ice Age. The countless geese, ducks and swans that rest or hibernate there are an unforgettable experience of nature. Depending on the weather, the animals can be observed here from November to mid-March. In order to enable an undisturbed “winter holiday”, the NABU nature conservation station offers expertly guided excursions. But the duffel is also simply worth seeing at any other time of the year. The vastness of the landscape is balm for the soul!