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Make your appointment at phone number +49 (0)2824 – 9625 6666, by e-mail, or fill the following form completely. We will immediately confirm your reservation.

Rent a Spa

Libertine Spa at Landhaus Beckmann offers you something really special. Reserve the whole wellness area of LIBERTINE SPA at your exclusive disposition. Unforgettable hours for couples, families and friends!

We are pleased to offer you the exclusive and solo usage of our spa: every day between 8 am and 2 pm after upfront reservation you may use the full offers of Libertine Spa alone, with your partner or friends

Price per hour: 50,00 €

We take our time – Please take yours

  • Please arrange your treatment in time. You may book before your arrival.
  • You may cancel appointments up to 48 hours before start without any costs.
  • On shorter cancellations we have to charge you 50% costs.
  • We want to treat all guests the same. Please understand that your treatment might be shortened if you are late.
  • To avoid stress, please be seated in our waiting room ca. 5 minutes before your appointment.
  • In order to avoid an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach we recommend that you have your last meal at least one hour before the start of treatment.

Advice concerning your treatment

  • Please tell us before the treatment begins if there are health impairs or a pregnancy.
  • Tell your therapist if you do not feel comfortable (too cold, too strong) with the treatment.
  • We advise you not to shave directly before a body peeling to avoid skin irritations. However, men should shave their face before a face treatment to achieve better results.
  • After treatment with essential oil please refrain from taking a sunbath. To avoid an unpleasant feeling in your stomach, please refrain from having a meal one hour before your treatments.