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  • Vegan Friendly

Animal friendly (vegan)

The vegan diet is not a trend for us, but a lifestyle.

We want to put together prejudices out of the way to show you that the vegan way of life can be eclectic and very exciting. Wherever possible, we try to offer vegan alternatives to respect animals and the environment.

If you have suggestions or wishes, we look forward to hearing from you!


An animal-friendly breakfast is hardly different from what you are used to: some of our bread and rolls are made exclusively with vegetable ingredients. Vegetable margarines, a variety of spreads and a selection of cold meats provide variety. Have you already tested our milk alternatives such as oat, almond or soy drink? These taste equally excellent with our organic cornflakes and muesli varieties, which of course were also produced without animal products. The selection is supplemented by daily fresh fruits and vegetables.

A la carté

Whenever we try to replace the animal products with an alternative. So the best food in our menu is vegan. For our sauces we use vegan cooking wine. Also our vinegar was not clarified with animal aids.


In the meantime, our drink menu only contains vegan drinks (juices, wines, cocktails, etc.) that were produced without animal aids. Especially recommended is the noble varietal juice selection of Van Nahmen.


The snacks and drinks offered in the minibar are completely vegan.


Our detergents and cleaners used to clean the rooms, as well as cleaning cloths and all other cleaning utensils, do not contain any animal ingredients. The service clothing provided by the company was produced vegan.


Other areas of the hotel, such as the offices and reception, have already exchanged non-vegan products. So we work for example with animal friendly colors and toners.

Libertine Spa

With Gertraud Gruber cosmetics we have an exclusive partner with a lot of competence and years of experience in the area of ​​care and cosmetics at our side. Like ours, the traditional company attaches great importance to the purity and naturalness of its products like us. All our offered massages and cosmetic treatments are carried out exclusively with animal-free care products without animal ingredients.