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  • Sustainability

Excellent with the GreenSign

Sustainability is an important topic that should be dealt with today. It's not just about reducing CO2, it's also about modernizing efficiently and using new technologies.

For our hotel, this means that smart decisions must be made and all without the comfort you desire suffers.

The GreenSign is the sustainability seal from the GreenLine Hotels and was specially made in collaboration with Heilbronn University. It certifies the areas of environment, purchasing, transport, quality management and social responsibility for sustainable, entrepreneurial behavior.

Dealing with nature

Our flowers come from the region and are not transported over long distances.

We participate in the Niederrhein bike rental system and provide a free charging station for e-bikes.

We pay attention to a strict separation of waste into paper, glass, plastic and organic waste.

Dealing with water

Of course, this also applies when dealing with water, a very precious resource. We use environmentally conscious and water-saving dishwashers, washing machines and dryers, which also work with the principle of heat recovery.

For longer stays towels are changed only on request of guests, this is indicated by a note "The Umerlt sake" in the rooms.

Focus in the kitchen

In the restaurant, we mainly process products from the region, so that long transport routes are avoided. When purchasing, we pay attention to sustainability labels (eg Fair Trade organic coffee). Our breakfast eggs come from free-range chickens of a farm in Kevealer.

Dealing with energy

Throughout the house we rely on energy-saving lamps and energy-saving LEDs. In addition, we use motion sensors in the stairwell and the night entrance, so that really only energy is consumed when it is really needed.

For electricity and heat generation we use a roof-mounted cogeneration plant. A conventional heater uses a fuel (e.g., gas) to produce heat and hot water. A badger cogeneration not only generates heat and hot water, but also electricity. And most energy efficient, because almost no energy is lost. The system is simple: a motor drives a high-power generator that produces electricity. The resulting heat is used directly to heat the building. The resulting electricity is consumed directly on site or fed into the grid for a fee. That makes the badger a heater with real added value - ecologically and economically. "(Source:

This project was funded by the European Union and its funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

We take this as an "investment in our future" that has a high added value in the community. Since June 2017: Fixed charging stations for Ebikes and electric cars. The electricity, which is used for this comes from our cogeneration plant, which generates this as a "waste product". This makes our charging stations particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly.