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  • Walking

    „Niederrhein – dort wo der Himmel die Erde küßt” (H-D Hüsch)

Hiking an djogging

Many paved road invite you for strolling and jogging directly from the Landhaus Beckmann in the level landscape of the Lower Rhine.They can also be used for short bike tours or as a start for a hiking tour, e.g. to the forest “Uedemer Hochwald”.

Below we present You some tour examples. At the reception we can provide You more information and advise you directly. You can find some information for downloading.

Around the Landhaus Beckmann

Directly at the Landhaus Beckmann you find the “Baukamp”, a small paved service road shielded on one side by a moraine. On the other side, you can view the typical Lower Rhine landscape. The trail is 1.5 km long. Either you return on this path or turn left at the end, walk up a dirt road and then return to the hotel the bike path left to the Römerstraße. This path is then about another 2 km long.

  • Marienwalder Forest

    The Marienbaumer timber forest is located about 4 kilometers from Landhaus Beckmann, as an extension of the Klever Reichswald. Here you can walk undisturbed – it is ideal for hiking, jogging and cycling. There are four marked trails and six cycling routes with lengths from 3.5 up to 12.5 km. There are designated bridle paths, too. At the front desk you can retain maps of the area.

  • Reichswald

    The Klever Reichwald is the largest contiguous forest of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is suitable for long hikes. Special cards for the Reichwald are available at the reception. It is about 20 km away from the hotel.

  • Moyländer Wald (wood)

    About. 5 km away is the Moyländer wood. In this small piece of forest you find a large circular route that can be shortened in various ways. In some places, you share the forest with the golfers from the Landgolfclub Moyland.

  • Kalkarer Oy

    The Oy is a path that is best started from the parking lot of the REWE discount store in Kalkar. It provides a path through a beautiful, typical Lower Rhine landscape with pollarded willows and meadows. Unfortunately, there is no real round trail, so that you have to walk partially on the same path back.

  • Niers hiking trail

    To the right and left of the Niers river many beautiful hiking trails wait to be discovered by you. All provide a distinguished view at the Lower Rhine landscape.

    The next best starting point for you is between Uedem and Goch near to “Jan an de Fähr”.

  • At the Rhine

    The next opportunity to stroll along the Rhine is in Hönnepel. Between the Kalkar and the Rhine bridge Rees you have a beautiful view of the Rhine while walking on the newly fortified dikes.

  • Prinz-Moritz-Path und Voltaire Path in Kleve

    The Prince Moritz trail connects the gardens at the Kleve Schwanenburg along the Kermisdahls and the Wetering and with the Alter Park (old park) and Papenberg. On its 3.5 km, it offers a glimpse of the ideal image of a landscape with valleys and hills, rivers and meadows and historic city skylines.

    At the end theVoltaire pathway commence that leads in 6.5 km to the Moyland castle, where in September 1740 King Frederick II of Prussia, called “the Great”, met Voltaire.

  • E 8 long distance trail

    The European long distance hiking route E 8 runs right past our house. Throughout its length it stretches from the Irish Sea to almost the Turkish border. In the area of the Lower Rhine it goes from Nijmegen to Aachen.

    The hiking area at the Lower Rhine, that the trail traverse, is characterized by the diversity of its landscapes. The route takes you through hilly frontal moraine chains, through flood plains and cleat zones. Vast, lonely forests alternate with open spaces Webseite.