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  • Philosophy

We focus on our region.

With conviction and passion. The Lower Rhine offers a wide variety of regional products, which turns our food into culinary delights. Homely food and new German dishes adorn our menu. We gladly committed to the principles of association “Genussregion Niederrhein” (Pleasure Region Lower Rhine) to work with seasonal products, fresh from the farms in the neighborhood. Our kitchen has a philosophy: “Love the cooking and respect the food!”

Gladly we committed us to the principles of “Genussregion Niederrhein” (enjoyment area Lower Rhine). This was a consistent step for our restaurant since we have been working with regional partners for decades and provide local, seasonal products: vegetables, fruits and meat come from the Lower Rhine region. The team from the Landhaus Beckmann is happy to provide you with further information about the origin of the products. The union of “Genussregion Niederrhein” performs regular inspections – together we guarantee genuine pleasurefrom the Lower Rhine region.

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We look beyond the culinary rim.

At two restaurants, “Beckmann’s Klompenkammer” and “Beckmann’s Tellerrand”, we offer individual specialties for every taste. Take a look at our menu.

You will taste the difference – for sure.