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Each day a different golf course, close at hand

– sounds perfect for you? For us, this is not a problem. Centrally located, eight golf clubs with different characters and offers are easily accessible from Landhaus Beckmann. We gladly provide you packed lunches for your tour. Your golf vacation packages are already prepared! But we are happy to advise you on individual arrangements, too.

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With Landhaus Beckmann it is possible to plan your personal golf vacation. Nestled in the enchanting landscape of the Lower Rhine next to Landhaus Beckmann are nine different golf clubs with different character.

Landhaus Beckmann offers flexible packages that provide a firm framework to allow your planning and calculation and at the same time gives you all freedom needed for a splendid experience.

You can select your favorite arrangements with a combination of the golf clubs of your choices. We are happy to coordinate and arrange all start times for you!


Mühlenhof Golf & Country Club

Distance: 6,9 km

Golf International Moyland

Distance: 6,9 km

Land-Golf-Club Schloss Moyland e.V.

Distance: 7,5 km

Golfclub Borghees e.V.

Distance: 16,5 km

Golfclub Wasserburg Anholt e.V.

Distance: 17,1 km

Golfclub Issum-Niederrhein e.V.

Distance: 21,5 km

Golfclub Schloss Haag e. V.

Distance: 19,3 km

Golfbaan Bleijenbeek

Distance: 19,4 km

Golfbaan Het Rijk van Nijmegen

Distance: 28,9 km

Golfclub Am Kloster Kamp e.V.

Distance: 34 km