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  • Cycling

An optimal starting point for day trips

The hotel is “in the centre”: take a bike ride to the roman city of Xanten, the site of pilgrimage Kevelaer. Visit the cities of Goch, Kleve, Emmerich, Rees or Wesel. Enjoy the nature in the Reichswald or at the river Rhine. Our neighbor country, the Netherlands, known for its cycling routes is only 20 kilometres away.

Multiple thematic tours like Via Romana, Rhine biking route or Lower Rhine Route are passing the Landhaus Beckmann directly.

The best: the Lower Rhine is flat and level and therfore the perfect location for cycling in a relaxed way. Only small hills are here and there, providing a beautiful view after a small challenge – real mountains are unknown to the inhabitants of the Lower Rhine area.

  • Xantentour on the avenue bike path

    This tour takes you ca. 32 km to the Roman relics in Xanten and the local recreation area. In the Reeser Schanz you experience the natural scenery of a Rhine floodplain.

  • Maastour

    Bike tour to the rivers Maas and Niers and the cities and places Kevelaer, Wellerloi, Schloss Well, Weeze, Schloss Wissen und Uedem.

    Transverse to the major Lower Rhine routes runs the Maas tour; a day tour with a length of nearly 70 km. It presents scenic diversity: meadows and fields, the rivers Maas (crossing by ferry) and Niers, Lower Rhine villages and towns, including North West Europe’s largest site of pilgrimage, castles, an airport, forest area with wild boars, an animal park and petting zoo, farm land. Enjoy a route without significant gradients, but certainly with “profile”!

    For this tour we offer a detailed description in German as pdf-document: Maastour

  • Pfälzertour

    On the program is the "Pfälzer Tour" with a detour to Good Graefenthal on the Niers, past the Reichswald, the largest forest area on the Lower Rhine, with the "Pfälzer" villages Louisendorf, Pfalzdorf, Nierswalde and Neulouisendorf and the highlight of the day tour: Castle Moyland.

    The total distance amounts to just under 70 km. The route profile is largely flat, with only a few smaller climbs on the way. The motto of the tour could be: nature and culture .... pure.

    The complete route can be found here.

  • Rheintour

    The “Rhine Tour” via Kalkar, Grieth, Griether Ort, Rees, Bislich, Xanten, Mörmter and Marienbaum.

    There is a German saying “Why it is so beautiful at the Rhine?” This tour shows you some places to answer this question.

    The Landhaus Beckmann is the ideal starting point: nature and culture in plentifulness, with the highlights the atmospheric town of Xanten and Kalkar and the Rhine as a unifying element almost ubiquitous.

    The complete route can be found here.